Mbeya Community Based Rehabilitation also known as Simama CBR is one of the outreach programs of IYUNGA RC HEALTH CENTRE that is registered in accordance with the provision of Part III of the Private Hospitals (Regulation) Act number 6 of 1977 as amended by act number 26 of 1991. The registration number is 127220. The centre in question belongs to the Archdiocese of Mbeya.

The program from social perspective works hand in hand with Caritas Mbeya and also with other stakeholders in helping children regardless of their ethnic background, race, colour or religious affiliation. Meanwhile, there are four centres whereas one of them namely Don Guanella rehabilitation centre for children with disabilities is managed by the Servants of Charity.

The notion behind community based rehabilitation
Community based rehabilitation refers to the situation whereby the whole community is involved in helping the disabled (those who are physically and mentally challenged) as far as rehabilitation is concerned.The concept of Community based rehabilitation embraces the following aspects:-

i)The achievement of effective home and neighborhood services.
ii)The use of specialists (doctors) from the hospitals, health centers and dispensaries found among the people around and human resources and other resources found in the community.
iii) Sensitization of the community as far as the importance of helping the disabled is concerned
iv)Involving the local leaders in facilitating positive attitude change.

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