The Archdiocese of Mbeya implements the aforementioned program through Caritas Development Office, diocesan and government health institutions, private and government schools and other stakeholders for people with disabilities.
The SIMAMA initiative presents the key 4 Strategies for intervening Early Child Development and Children with Disabilities so far:

  • The achievement of effective home and neighborhood services
  • The use of medical specialists (doctors) from the hospitals, health centers and dispensaries found among the people around and human resources and other resources found in the community.
  • Sensitization of the community as far as the importance of helping the disabled is concerned
  • Involving the local leaders in facilitating positive attitude change.
  • Previous Activities performed by Mbeya CBR Program-Simama

  • Active detection of children with poor child development
  • Active detection of the children with disabilities.
  • Active referral system for children with poor early child development
  • Active referral system for children with disabilities.
  • Awareness campaigns for accepting and supporting the children who are physically and mentally challenged.
  • Early child education support through school inclusion, that is, to enroll disabled and educate children in schools.
  • Strengthen the rehabilitation, referral and early intervention of services for children with disabilities.
  • Lobbying from other organizations that may be of help in
  • rehabilitating the disabled children.
  • Provision of equipment (appliances, devices) for carrying
  • rehabilitation for children with disabilities
  • Training the parents and guardians of children with disabilities in life skills and how to run income generating activities.